Updated: Aug 21

Nerikirigashi has sweet and solid fillings.

It is usually made of sesame and bean paste.

other than these flavored, it has a variety of fillings.

For example, peanut-flavored, sakura flower flavored.

Nerikirigashi can be kept in cold storage for 2 weeks.


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訂購須知: 1.目前只有Hannah獨立製作。 2.如果是急單可以先詢問唷! 3.沒有提供蛋糕現貨,皆採預約! 4.建議1個月前預訂蛋糕檔期。 5.蛋糕上所使用的糖珠.塑型巧克力等,會因退冰後有掉色.水珠等狀況,過深的鮮奶油也會有暈染的現象,皆為正常現象。 6.蛋糕裝飾除主體外,周邊裝飾配件會隨機更換不同設計。 7.蛋糕尺寸大小會影響蛋糕整體裝飾的豐富性。 8.網頁上相片會依拍照光線有所色差,故以

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